GoPro Hero 6 Review

GoPro Hero 6 Black

The GoPro Hero 6 is defiantly a mixed bag of what it is good at and what it is not.  As long at you realize that and use it for the right purpose, you will not be disappointed.  I find it to be a very capable camera and an essential part of my kit.  What this camera does extremely well is stabilized video in good lighting without the need for a gimbal.  This cuts down on the amount of gear I need to pack on trips.  This is great for B-Roll and action shots.  Also the fact that you do not need a separate case for it to be waterproof makes it all the better.  

Of course the downside to the waterproofing is that the audio does suffer. The audio is not as horrendous as some may make it out to be and it is far better than my hero 4 black when it is in the waterproof housing. For this reason I tend to use my iPhone 8 plus for shots where I need audio, like when i need to talk to the camera. You can get good audio from the GoPro but you need to buy an adapter that is around $50 and a mic. That makes the compact setup not as compact.  My work around is to use a zoom h1 with a lav mic and to sync in post.  I find that if I need to carry extra gear the zoom is better than the adapter and keeps the camera waterproof. I have been able to use some audio from the GoPro by turning off the auto setting for audio and use the stereo setting.  This helps a bit but is only good for use in a pinch.

The stabilization built in to the camera is amazing.  Yes you can get even better shots with a gimbal but the compact size of the camera and the ability to smooth the shots out make me not want to take one.  Plus the Stabilization works in 4K, in the water or wet conditions that you could not use a regular gimbal in, never mind rough terrain where you could break the gimbal. This is by far the biggest reason why I am using this camera.

The video quality is better than my Hero 4, but without the stabilization and waterproofing it would not be worth upgrading on its own.  I find the image to be sharper and the dynamic range is a lot better. Just do not expect it to do what it is not meant to do.  Low light, although better, is still not great.  

Overall I would recommend this camera.  Just make sure you are aware of its limits and do not expect it do do what it cannot. As long as you are aware of its limits you will be happy.  And again,  I find the stabilization to be one of the best parts of this camera.

If you would like to purchase one I have provided a link below.  It helps us out and helps support the blog.  You do not have to click it, but it helps!  Thank you!!



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